William Maurice Shryock

William Maurice Shryock
known as ...  Bill
                                born: September 19, 1922
died: January 30, 1976

              ( 1st ) Marian Doris Crow
              September 21, 1942

              ( 2nd ) Nelda Julia Graham
              March 2, 1945
                                born: April 17, 1926
died: December 28, 2012

born: June 1, 1925
died: May 8, 2005

      Bill was one of the younger members of a rather large family.  By the time he was born there were already seven children in the family.  There is little doubt that the Shryock house was a pretty busy place.

      Bill is credited with being a very talented and skilled craftsman.  There was not much that he could not do with his hands.  He was an accomplished goldsmith and jeweler, later worked very successfully as a locksmith, and proved to be a very capable designer and builder of floats for the local Christmas parades.  While living in Jonesboro, Arkansas he was a very active member of one of the local exchange clubs.  One of the projects with which this club was routinely involved was the annual Christmas parade.  Bill gained quite a reputation for designing and building the floats in the parade.  So much so that films of some of his floats are still viewed by local float designers and builders as examples to be followed.

      Although quite an accomplished craftsman, he expressed many different and varied talents.  He was an avid tennis player, frequently played bridge with family and friends, and earned his private pilot's license.  He also enjoyed bow hunting for both deer and turkey.

Bill Shryock - Circa 1925
Bill Shryock - Circa 1930

Bill Shryock (right) with his brother, Alf

Family of William Maurice Shryock

In Order by Age - Oldest First

William Maurice Shryock, Jr.        b.  April 24, 1943    d. 
Lewis Henry Shryock        b.  February 17, 1947    d.
Catherine Louise Shryock
       ( Schrop )
       ( O'Brien )
       b.  August 12, 1949    d.
Leigh Edward Shryock        b.  July 21, 1952    d.

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