A very sincere “Thank You” to Paul W. Shryock for his generous offer to allow reproduction of his copyrighted work of 1991 “The Family of Lewis Gilbert Shryock” for inclusion in this web site.

      Like any book of this type, situations and data changes.  Whenever I have knowledge of additional or changed data I will make the appropriate changes.  One change I made right away is to include a color copy of the Coat-of-Arms that I had commissioned from an on-line business.  While different from the rendering in Paul’s book, they both fit the same description.

      If you discover a discrepancy, typo, mistake or know of information that has changed, please let me know and I will update the web page to reflect the new data. That way this will become a dynamitic work and we can all benefit from each others effort. Since I did not receive the original book in electronic format, I have had to scan and type the book myself so I will make apologies for any mistake or typo I introduced. Please let me know if you find any mistakes or typos. I promise that I will take is as your effort to help.

      OK, on to The Family of Lewis Gilbert Shryock.

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