James Alfred Shryock

James Alfred Shryock
Known as ...  Alf
                                born: June 6, 1924
         Clarendon, Arkansas

Married: Ann Carolyn Henderson
              April 6, 1947

                                born: April 14, 1925
         Jonesboro, Arkansas

      James Alfred ( Alf ) was the last of nine children.  He had five older brothers and three older sisters.

      When he was five the family moved to Brinkley, Arkansas, which is where Alf grew up.  He worked in his father's jewelry store and in the local theater selling pop and popcorn.  He graduated from high school in 1942 and went into the Air Force.  He was a navigator on a B-17.  While in the Air Force, he attended Princeton University.  He received an honorable discharge in 1945.

      Alf went to work as a watchmaker in Jonesboro, Arkansas where he met Ann.  They were married in the First Methodist Church on April 6, 1947.

      Alf and Ann later moved to DeWitt, Arkansas where he went into business for himself as a watchmaker.  It was while they lived there that their daughter, Judy was born on July 7, 1948.  In March 1949 Alf moved his family to Florida.  Slow business and Alf’s bad health forced them to move several times.  They finally settled in Phoenix, Arizona in July 1965.

      Alf opened a jewelry store in Phoenix, which he sold in 1980.  He built a room onto their home from which he runs ( at the time this was written ) a trade shop for 12 jewelry stores in the Phoenix area.  Ann taught school for the first ten years in Phoenix.  She retired and helped Alf in the store.

James Alfred Shryock - Circa 1925        James Alfred Shryock - Circa 1930

James Alfred Shryock with brother, Bill

Family of James Alfred and Ann Shryock

In Order by Age - Oldest First

Judy Ann Shryock        b.  July 7, 1948    d. 
m. Jerry Garvey            
      Stephen Lee Garvey        b.  February 27, 1972    d.
      Katharine Marie Garvey        b.  October 27, 1975    d.
      Jerry Garvey        b.  December 12, 1977   

m. Stephen Yates        b.  November 16, 1948    d.
      Erik Yates ( adopted by Judy )        b.  March 6, 1973   


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