Lewis Gilbert Shryock, Jr.

Lewis Gilbert Shryock, Jr.
Known as ... L.G.
                                born: September 10, 1920
Clarendon, Arkansas
died: October 31, 2005
        Tampa, Florida

Married: ( 1st ) Allison Lucille Pittman
              September 6, 1941
              ( divorced September 1961 )

              ( 2nd ) Myrna Jean Bass                                 born:

      Lewis Gilbert, Jr., or L.G. was the 7th child in the Shryock household. He had five brothers ( three older ) and three sisters ( all older ). He was born in Clarendon, and moved to Brinkley at the age of nine.

      With World War II raging, he answered his county's call and joined the Army in Memphis, Tennessee on November 14, 1940. L.G. was stationed at Fort MacDill in Tampa, Florida for his basic training. While at Fort MacDill, he met and married his first wife, Allison Pittman. He was sent overseas, where he saw duty in England, North Africa, and Italy. He was serving in Italy when the war ended, and returned home from there. He was discharged from the service on July 1, 1945.

      From as early as his brothers and sisters can remember, he has had a fascination with automobiles. As a child he would simply sit in the family car, for hours on end. Throughout his adult life he has worked in various capacities within the automotive industry. He has worked for most every major manufacturer, mostly in sales or other capacities within the dealership organizations. For a period he owned a used automobile retail company in Tampa, Florida. L.G. retired in 1982.

      One of the infamous family stories about L.G. details how he decided to help his little brother ( Bill ) improve his looks. After the flood in Clarendon in 1927, L.G., Sr. had acquired a good deal of bright orange paint from the local Gulf Oil dealer. It was being used in a general paint-up and fix-up of the flood damage. One day L.G. decided that Bill would look good with orange hair and proceeded to paint Bill's hair with the Gulf orange paint. Afterward the two boys burst into the kitchen where their mother was working and proudly showed her what they had done. As the story goes she was not very pleased at what they had done! She had to repeatedly wash Bill's hair with coal oil in an attempt to remove the paint. Funny thing ... no one remembers what happened to L.G. for his part in this incident.

L.G. and the family pony, Mollie        L.G., Circa 1925

L.G. - Circa 1930        Bliss ( Brickell ) Hall, Robert Shryock
( Lewis Gilbert Shryock, Sr.'s brother ),
L.G. Jr. Shryock - Circa 1985

Family of Lewis Gilbert Shryock, Jr.

In Order by Age - Oldest First

Thomas Walton Shryock        b. April 30, 1942    d.
      Tammy Michelle Shryock        b. August 21, 1965    d.

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