Woodrow Wilson Shryock

Woodrow Wilson Shryock
known as ... Bub
                                born: July 25, 1919
Clarendon, Arkansas
died: August 27, 2010

Married: Freda Charlene Sims
              January 25, 1940
                                born: July 21, 1922
Conway, Arkansas
died: April 6, 2005

      Woodrow Wilson, or "Bub" was the sixth of nine children. When he was born he had two brothers and three sisters. By the time Bub was 6 there were three more boys in the family, for a total of five brothers and three sisters. It is certainly an understatement to say that the Shryock household was a busy place! One of Bub's very closest friends, Carlton Spears lived across the street. Carlton's adopted parents were known to Bub as Aunt Minnie and Uncle Bob.

      At the age of 11, Bub moved with his family to Brinkley, Arkansas. Almost upon their arrival in Brinkley came the stock market crash of October 1929 and the onset of the Great Depression. With such a large family it is certain that it was difficult simply to "make ends meet" during this period. L.G., Bub's father managed to adequately provide for his family by maintaining an optometry practice and the family jewelry store.

      Brinkley is where Bub spent his teen years, in the 1930's. He worked in the family business, as did most of his brothers and sisters. He also was involved in producing dances in that part of the state, booking some of the popular "big band" acts of the day. As they would finish a series of shows in Memphis or other larger city, or would perhaps have an un-booked date as they would travel through the area Bub would book them for a local dance. He has told several stories of going to these dances riding in the rumble seat of the family car. With Memphis so close he occasionally went to such lavish establishments as the Peabody Hotel to dance on the rooftop dance floor. He also operated a local pool hall for a period of time in Brinkley.

      Bub met Charlene in Brinkley where she had moved from Conway in 1939 with her family. They eloped, taking the train to Little Rock where they were married on January 25, 1940. Having grown up in the jewelry business, Bub decided that he wanted to open his own store. So, in August 1940 he and Charlene moved to Malvern, Arkansas after investigating and passing over several other communities. A borrowed truck carried Bub and Charlene, along with their belongings and two showcases to Malvern. Bill, Bub's brother and Carlton Spears, his childhood friend helped them move. Their first home was a small apartment several blocks from downtown. Having just started a business and only recently been married Bub and Charlene's finances were slim. Charlene's parents, Oscar and Freda Sims would visit from Brinkley frequently, bringing with them several bags of groceries.

      On August 1, 1940 their first store was opened for business. It occupied a small portion of the Phillips Building on Page Avenue, behind the First National Bank. A little over one year later - on September 5, 1941 they moved the store around the corner to 421 South Main Street ( its' present location) where they occupied the left half of the building. In 1945 they acquired the title to the building and remodeled the building such that both halves were combined into one, which they occupied.


      Having lived in apartments since they moved to Malvern, the purchase of their first house seemed a major accomplishment. Bub and Charlene bought a little house on Pine Bluff Street in 1942. While living in this house their first son was born in 1951. In late 1953, with their second child on the way, they felt that they needed a larger house. Their choice was the house 2 doors to the west of their current house - at 815 Pine Bluff Street, which they purchased from Dr. Raymond V. McCray in November 1953. Some two months after moving - in January 1954 their second son was born.

      Bub and Charlene managed to build their small store into a substantial business. When his oldest son - Charles Lewis "Chuck" - joined the business in 1974 the store's reputation was firmly in place. By the mid 1980's most of the operation of the business had passed to Chuck and his wife.

      Bub established quite a reputation for being community minded. He was very active as a Boy Scout leader from before the birth of his first son until his second had earned his Eagle. He was involved in a great many aspects of The First Methodist Church, and received the Paul Harris Fellow Award from the local Rotary Club - the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Rotarian. Although not necessarily a wealthy man, it was not uncommon for his name to appear as a co-signature on a loan for a local businessman attempting to get started.

      He did not really afford himself many luxuries. However, it is interesting to note that once a week ( usually Monday or Tuesday nights ) he played a friendly game of bridge with friends. This was no ordinary game of bridge, nor was it an ordinary group with whom he played. The group remained essentially the same for over thirty years.

      At this writing he is as retired as he is likely to become. He is no longer burdened with the daily tasks associated with the operation of the store, such as working with the bank, dealing with irate customers, talking with salesmen '" he is pretty well resigned to doing jewelry work in the back of the store, something he does extremely well and enjoys a great deal !

      Charlene was very involved in community affairs and matters concerning her family's interests. She served as a Den Mother in the Cub Scout program, was actively involved in the local junior high and high school band booster clubs, was a co-sponsor of the youth group at The First Methodist Church, involved in countless PTA ( Parent-Teacher Association ) meetings at school, not to mention religiously maintaining the financial and customer records for the family business. One of the many hobbies in which she was involved was china painting, which have yielded many beautiful objects.

Woodrow Wilson Shryock and 3 brothers
( AIf, Bill, L.G., Bub )
Circa 1925

Lewis Gilbert Shryock, Woodrow Wilson
Shryock, Charlene Shryock, Mary
Elizabeth Shryock - 1945

Woodrow Wilson Shryock and three of his brothers - Circa 1930
( AIf, Bub, L.G., Bill )

Bub and Charlene's first store in Malvern, Arkansas

Inside of Bub and Charlene's first store in Malvern, Arkansas

Bub and Charlene's second store - on Main Street in Malvern, Arkansas

Inside of Bub and Charlene's second store - on Main Street in Malvern, Arkansas
Grand Opening - 1941

Bub and Charlene's store on Main Street in Malvern, Arkansas
after remodeling - 1945

Inside of Bub and Charlene's store on Main Street in Malvern, Arkansas
during the celebration of their 10th anniversary in business - 1950

Woodrow Wilson Shryock and son Charles Lewis Shryock
inside of store in Malvern, Arkansas - 1989
( In the frame just above and to the right of Bub's head is the
first sign that Bub ever used outside of his first store in Malvern )

Woodrow Wilson Shryock and son Charles
Lewis Shryock in the clock tower of the county
courthouse in Clarendon, Arkansas in 1989
( Bub's father, Lewis Gilbert originally sold
and installed the clock in the 1920's )
Bub and Charlene's sons
( Chuck and Paul)
Christmas 1955

Bub and Charlene Shryock and family
at family reunion in Clarendon, Arkansas - 1989
(Chuck, Vicki (Chuck's wife), Sydney (Chuck's daughter), Charlene, Sean (Chuck's daughter), Paul,
front: Keri (Paul's daughter), Lana (Paul's wife), William (paul's son), Bub, Christopher (paul's son)

Paul Wilson and Lana Sue Shryock and family – 1988
( Lana, William, Keri, Christopher, Paul )


Charles Lewis and Vicki Lynn Shryock and family - late 1980's
( top: Chuck, Vicki, bottom: Sydney,

Woodrow Wilson and Charlene Shryock - 1986

Family of Woodrow Wilson and Charlene Shryock

In Order by Age - Oldest First

Charles Lewis "Chuck" Shryock        b. May 18, 1951    d.
    m. Vickie Lynn Lumley
        ( November 30, 1974 )
       b. July 23, 1953    d.
          Sydney Marie Shryock        b. January 24, 1979    d.
          Kathryn Sean Shryock        b. September 10, 1981    d.

Paul Wilson Shryock        b. January 6, 1954    d.
    m. Lana Sue Monger
        ( May 27, 1977 )
       b. August 7, 1955    d.
          Christopher Paul Shryock        b. January 9, 1981    d.
          William Lane Shryock        b. June 6, 1982    d.
          Keri Elizabeth Shryock        b. November 26, 1985    d. December 18, 2008

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