John Woodford Shryock

John Woodford Shryock
known as ... Woodie
                                born: December 13, 1908
Dyersburg, Tennessee
died: November 20, 2006
Crowley, Texas

Johnnie Augusta McDonald
              April 2, 1933
                                born: October 8, 1913
Bradley, Arkansas
died: October 13, 2012

      Woodie was the second born of nine children. He had one older brother, Joe. Three sisters and four brothers followed. Woodie and his older brother, Joe were the only ones not born in Arkansas.

      The following chronology was written by Johnnie, Woodie's wife:

      "Woodie attended and surprisingly graduated from high school in Clarendon, Arkansas. Although he loved playing high school sports, school just wasn't his cup of tea. He, in fact quit school after football seasons in 1924, 1925, and 1926. Due to his mother's insistence that he get an education, she got him back in school each year. It might be said that Woodie was a juvenile delinquent before the phrase became widely used. He loved to ride freight trains. Baseball was really the sport that he loved, and continued to be so throughout the rest of his life. After graduating from high school he worked in the family jewelry store and learned the trade. That is, when he wasn't playing baseball in neighboring towns. When he met and married Johnnie in 1933, his career as a watchmaker and jeweler started. Woodie and Johnnie first lived in Memphis where he worked at Sears. Next he had his own shop in Marianna, Arkansas. This was during the Great Depression, so when he was offered a position with Berg Jewelry in Camden, Arkansas for $25 a week he felt fortunate.

      Their first son was born while they lived in Memphis. A daughter and two more sons were born while they lived in Camden, Arkansas

      In 1929, Woodie and Johnnie's family moved back to Brinkley to run the family business. His father was devoting all of his time to his optometry business.

      Twin daughters were born in 1947. In 1963, after the store was sold, they moved to El Dorado, Arkansas where Woodie, with his brother Alf worked for Zales Jewelry. Later in 1967, Woodie and Johnnie moved to Dumas, Arkansas. He worked in the jewelry department for United Dollar Store until he semi-retired in 1977. He then worked as watchmaker for B.J. Jewelry. In 1987 they moved to Saint Francis Village in Crowley, Texas - a retirement village. This put them close to their three daughters who all lived in Texas.

      Through all the years Johnnie has only worked outside their home on a part time basis as a church secretary and clerk. She has always been active in church work. This outside work began only after the twins were school age."

      As an interesting note, Woodie and Johnnie are both parents and grandparents to twin girls.

John Woodford Shryock - 1926
from his school yearbook
( his junior year )
         John Woodford Shryock with two of his brothers
( Woody, L.G. Jr., Bub )
taken in late 1980's

John Woodford and Johnnie Shryock and family
at family reunion in Clarendon, Arkansas – 1989

John Woodford, Jr. and Pat Shryock and family
at family reunion in Clarendon, Arkansas – 1989

Family of John Wodford and Johnnie Shryock

In Order by Age - Oldest First

John Woodford Shryock, Jr.        b.December 4, 1933    d.
m. Patricia Marie Sheering        b. June 8, 1944    d.
          John Woodford Shryock, III        b. July 30, 1967    d.
          Pamela Marie Shryock        b. February 18, 1970    d.
          m. Troy Bradford, January 4, 1992        b. February 25, 1969    d.
          Susan Ina Shryock        b. October 21, 1972    d.
          Lori Augusta Shryock

       b. May 15, 1975


Anita Louise Shryock ( Waterston )        b. February 20, 1937    d.
m. Robert Waterston        b. May 5, 1931    d.
          Robert Steven Waterston        b. July 23, 1957    d.
          Kenneth Wayne Waterston        b. August 11, 1958    d.
          Sheri Lynne Waterston
                ( Broyles )
       b. February 1, 1961   

Donald Gilbert Shryock        b. June 10, 1939    d. October 26, 2011
m. Leah Michelle Wood        b. February 12, 1956    d.
          Joseph Brandon Shryock        b. February 12, 1956    d.
          Jonah Thelan Shryock        b. August 12, 1982    d.
          Duncan Marvis Shryock        b. February 17, 1985    d.
          Casey Wayne Shryock        b. June 18, 1987    d.
          Clancie Michelle Shryock        b. September 23, 1990    d.
     ( former marriage, Ann Neal Evans )        b. December 7, 1935    d.
          Donald Gilbert Shryock, Jr.        b. June 12, 1957    d.
          Jana Shryock ( Chambers )        b. March 26, 1959    d.
          Donna Shryock ( Sanders )        b. December 15, 1962    d.
          Jane Shryock ( Shearer )        b. September 11, 1962    d.
          George Shryock        b. July 13, 1972    d. December 15, 1991
          Josan Evans Shryock ( Lewis )
                ( Don's adopted-daughter )

       b. May 26, 1955    d.
William Terry Shryock

       b. May 26, 1940    d. June 9, 2005
Janet Marie Shryock ( Strickland ) *        b. January 22, 1947    d.
m. Robert Strickland        b. December 6, 1942    d.
          Stacy Marie Strickland **        b. January 13, 1972    d.
          Crissy Michelle Strickland **        b. January 13, 1972    d.
Janis Claire Shryock ( Dembach ) *        b. January 22, 1947    d.
m. Russell Dembach        b. October 5, 1940    d.
          Amanda Alva Dembach        b. May 20, 1977    d.
          Wendy Beth Dembach        b. December 15, 1978    d.

Great-Grandchildren:        Monica Waterston, Rachel Broyles,
Kimberly Shryock, Robert Turner,
Max Chambers, Amanda Chambers,
Randall Eakes, Jamie Sanders,
Betsy Lewis, Carrie Lewis, David Lewis, Jr.

      *   Twins
      ** Twins

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