Agnes May Shryock ( Nall )

Agnes May Shryock ( Nall )                                 born: November 27, 1910
Clarendon, Arkansas
died: July 6, 1994

Married: Cecil Earl Nall
              March 20, 1928
                                born: December 27, 1907
Raymond, Arkansas
died: October 23, 1978

      Cecil and Agnes were married in Clarendon, Arkansas.  Three days after the wedding, Cecil left for the gulf coast to honor a contract to play baseball.  When the season was over, Cecil came back to Clarendon.  They later moved to Stuttgart, Arkansas.  Cecil worked for an oil company keeping books and playing baseball.  Cecil, Jr. was born there.

      They lived in Brinkley for several years during the Great Depression, both working at odd jobs.  Cecil went to baseball school in El Dorado, Arkansas. From there, he was sent to Camden, Arkansas to work for International Paper and to play baseball with the Kraftmans.  Donald Alan was born there.

      Agnes worked in Frances Gift Shop off and on for twenty-five years.  Cecil retired in 1972 after working thirty-eight years for International Paper.  At this writing, Agnes still lives in Camden in the home they bought thirty years ago in Fairview - a suburb of Camden.

Cecil and Agnes Nall
( date unknown )

Agnes May Shryock - 1926
from her high school yearbook
( her sophomore year )
       Agnes May ( Shryock ) and Cecil Nail
with their son Cecil, Jr.
and his wife, Duliene

Agnes May ( Shryock) Nail and family
attending family reunion in Clarendon, Arkansas - 1989
( Duliene, Cecil Jr., Agnes, Don, Ashley (Don's daughter), Judy )

Family of Agnes May ( Shryock ) and Cecil Nall

In Order by Age - Oldest First

Cecil Earl Nail, Jr        b. October 21, 1928    d.
Donald Alan Nall        b. October 14, 1936    d.

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