Johannes Georg Schreyack

Johannes Georg Schreyack
also ...Hans Jarick Schrayack
          Hans Jerg Schreyeck
                                born: 1702 in Germany
died: in Frederick County, Maryland (?)

Married: Barbara                                 born: 1705
died: ?

      Johannes Georg was the oldest of three brothers that emigrated to this country from their homeland of Prussia ( Germany ). On August 28, 1733 the brothers signed an oath of allegiance to their new country, thus renouncing all ties to their homeland.

      This young emigrant family settled near York, Pennsylvania and later moved near Craegerstown ( formerly Monocacy ) in Frederick County, Maryland. It is known from the records of Christ Lutheran Church in York, Pennsylvania that Johannes Georg and his family were Lutherans. Unfortunately, there are no church records from their next home in Craegerstown ( Monocacy ). These early church records were destroyed by fire.

      No record of his death has been discovered.

      Family of Johannes Georg Schreyock and Barbara Schreyack

      In Order by Age - Oldest First

 Susanna Eleisabeth Schreyack     b. January 12, 1725     d. ? 
 Christian Schreyack     b. September 1735     d. October 10,1820 

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