Woodford County Shryock

Woodford County Shryock                                 born: February 25, 1853
        Woodford County, Kentucky
died: August 8, 1951
        Clark County ( Underwood ), Indiana

Married: Annie R. Jones
              April 5, 1876
born: June 30, 1858
died: June 30, 1934

      Woodford C. Shryock, one of nine sons of Andrew Jackson Shryock, was born in Woodford County Kentucky. Although no substantiating records have been uncovered, he was almost certainly born in Versailles. The early 1850's was a time of some prosperity in the home of Woodford's parents, Andrew Jackson and Julia. His father's business dealings were apparently going well at the time. When he was born Woodford had two older brothers. However, at the age of 5 he witnessed the financial ruin of his family's businesses and their move to the community of Milner, where, in all likelihood he spent the remaining years of his childhood.

      Woodford apparently did not care for his middle name. His name and signature on all of the records of the day appear as Woodford C. Shryock. Only through family recollections was his middle name of County known.

      It is known from marriage license records in Woodford County that Woodford and Annie were married in Woodford County in 1876. The next verification that is available concerning where Woodford and Annie lived is the Anderson County, Kentucky school census of 1893. This document shows that their family had grown to include seven school-aged children ranging in ages from 17 to 6.

      It is generally accepted that Woodford was a carpenter by trade. Family recollections credit him with having made elaborate clocks with all wooden movements. His son, Lewis Gilbert had one of these clocks in his jewelry store in Clarendon, Arkansas that was destroyed in the flood of 1927. Woodford was also known to have made "fiddles", one of which he owned and played until his death.

      Prior to any substantial genealogical research being done on this portion of the Shryock family it was generally thought that the family was of Welsh descent. It seems as though this belief was based in the family of Annie, Woodford's wife. Her father, Richard Montgomery Jones had a brother John Jones that served as a Welsh aide to President George Washington m. For his service he was apparently awarded land grants in the Philadelphia area.

Woodford C. and Annie Shryock

Grave markers of Woodford C. and Annie Shryock
Lawrenceburg ( Anderson County ), Kentucky

Woodford C. and Annie Shryock
with various members of their family


Marriage License for
Woodford C. Shryock and Annie R. Jones

Woodford County, Kentucky

Marriage License for
Woodford C. Shryock and Annie R. Jones

Woodford County, Kentucky

Death Notice for
Woodford C. Shryock

Clark County ( Underwood ), Indiana

( copy of original )

( typed transcription )

Woodford C. Shryock
Dies at Age of 98

      Woodford C. Shryock, who has been living at the home of his son Thomas B. Shryock, R. 1, Underwood, near Fairview church died Wednesday at the ripe old age of 98 years. He was probably the oldest man in this county and was said to be the oldest man from his county of Anderson County, Ky.

      He had broken his hip about six years ago and had been in poor health since that time.

      The son of Andrew J. and Julia S. Shryock, he spent his early life in Lawrenceburg, Ky., and had been a resident of this section for 17 years. He was an architect and contractor for many years before he retired.

      He was a member of the Methodist church in Kentucky.

      Mr. Shryock was the father of the step-father of Capt. Conder who was killed in a jet plane crash near Bowman field recently.

      Surviving him are sons Thomas B. Shryock, Underwood, William Richard Shryock, Memphis, Tenn., Lewis G. Shryock, Brinkley, Ark., Charles F. Shryock, Brinkley, Ark., Tolbert Stanley Shryock, Abilene, Texas, Maurice Stewart Shryock, Orange, Texas, daughters, Mr. R.F. Ramsey, Lafayette, Ind., Mr. George Loebig, Louisville, Mrs. John Klein, Louisville; O.J. Bowen, Lawrenceburg, Ky., and 29 other grandchildren and a great number of great grandchildren. His wife Mrs. Annie Rebecca Shryock died some years ago.

      Rev. Gilbert Matthews conducted the funeral services at 10 o'clock Saturday morning at the Stewart Memorial Funeral Home. Interment was at Lawrenceburg.

Family of Woodford C. and Annie Shryock
In Order by Age - Oldest First

  Hugh E. Shryock b. May 26, 1877 d. August 22, 1898
  Nettie Shryock ( Bowen ) b. January 15, 1879 d. May 14, 1909
  Thomas Beebe Shryock b. February 9, 1881 d. January 31, 1967
  William Richard Shryock b. April 21, 1883 d. April 29, 1963
  Lewis Gilbert Shryock b. January 28, 1886 d. June 29, 1978
  Sidney Dudd Shryock b. March 20, 1888 d. May 11, 1912
  Ollie Mae Shryock ( Ramsey )     b. September 29, 1890     d. ?
  Artie Mesin Shryock
     ( Shanklin )
     ( Loebig )
b. September 29, 1890 d. ?
  Robert Stanley Shryock b. February 7, 1893 d. ?
  Maurice Stewart Shryock b. August 21, 1895 d. ?
   Charles Farley Shryock b. December 6, 1897 d. 1953
  Emma Irene Shryock ( Stone ) b. February 5, 1900 d. ?

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