On August 28, 1733 the ship Hope of British registry arrived at the port of Philadelphia in the colony of Pennsylvania. The ship had journeyed from Rotterdam in The Netherlands, last from Cowes (on the Isle of Wight, off the southern English coast) with Daniel Reid as Master. Among the 389 passengers ( according to Rupp's 10.000 Names f ) were three brothers:

Hans Jarick Schreyack, age 31

Hans Michael Schreyack, age 28

Jacob Schreyack, age 19

      The passenger list from Strassburger's Pennsylvania German Pioneers shows:

Hans Jarick Scrayack, age 31

Hans Scrayack, age 28

Jacob Scrayack, age 19

Barbara Scrayack, age 28

Susanna Scrayack, age 7

      Because later records indicate that the proper spelling is Schreyack, this is the German name that will be used henceforth. The brothers had traveled initially from Gahsheim, Wurtembergisch (in the western portion of united Germany).

      Also aboard were Barbara Schreyack, believed to be the 28 year old wife of Johannes Georg, and their daughter Susanna Elisabeth, age 7. Immediately upon their arrival the three brothers renounced their ties to their homeland and took an oath of allegiance to the government of the new land. Out of the 83 adult males from this voyage of the Hope that qualified to take such an oath of allegiance, almost half were illiterate and had to sign the oath with their mark. However all three of the Schreyack brothers signed their own names g.

      It is believed that the three immigrant brothers had yet another brother; a younger brother. In the passenger list for the ship Harle, Ralph Harle, Master is found the name of Christian Schreyack, aged 18 bound for Philadelphia. He is believed to be the younger brother of those brothers that arrived in Philadelphia some three years earlier, in 1733. This Christian Schreyack qualified on September 1, 1736.

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