A Brief Summary of the Ancestors

      The brothers settled in southern Pennsylvania, near Yorktown in Lancaster County ( now York in York County ) in August of 1736. This was to be the final resting place for two of the three brothers: Jacob died in Lancaster County in 1737 just 4 years after coming to this country, and Hans Michael died on March 3, 1788. Johannes Georg moved to near the community of Monocacy ( now Craegerstown ) in Frederick County, Maryland prior to 1750 h. In church records of this area his name is listed as Johannes Georg, which is how he will be referenced henceforth. It is generally believed that Johannes Georg spent his remaining years in Frederick County, Maryland, but no records have been located to either substantiate or deny this.

      Johannes Georg had two children: Susanna Elisabeth, who emigrated to this country from Prussia with her parents, and Christian who was born in this country in 1735 ( probably in Philadelphia ). Christian lived most of his life in Frederick County, Maryland. Deed records list him as being both a "shoemaker" and a "farmer". With his name found on some 20 deeds, it is reasonable to assume that he managed to live "comfortably". Christian had nine children, six boys and three girls.

      Adam, son of Christian was born in Frederick County, Maryland in 1766. He moved his family to Kentucky in 1807 i. Adam settled in Mortonsville, Kentucky, in Woodford County about 20 miles southwest of Lexington. Not much is known about Adam. However, it is generally believed that he owned a large farm which he eventually traded for a tavern in Mortonsville. It is thought that he is buried on a farm between Milner and Mortonsville. Adam had eleven children - five boys, six girls.

     William, Adam's son was born in Frederick County, Maryland and moved to Woodford County, Kentucky in 1807 with his family. He was the postmaster in Mortonsville from 1828 to 1834. From the records that are available j, it appears that he had six children - two boys and four girls. Not much else is known of William and his life.

      Andrew Jackson "Jack" Shryock , William's son k was born in Woodford County, Kentucky l and lived there all of his life. He was, by trade a rope manufacturer and grocer. Jack had twelve children - nine boys and three girls.

      Woodford C. Shryock, Jack's son was born in Milner ( Woodford County, Kentucky ) and lived most of his life in Lawrenceburg. He was well known for his skills as a cabinet maker, especially for his handmade fiddles and wooden clocks. Woodford and his wife, Annie had twelve children - nine boys and three girls.

      Lewis Gilbert Shryock, affectionately known by the nickname "Shy" was born in Lawrenceburg. He moved to Lexington at age 14 and went to work for A.K. Lyon Jewelers. In about 1905 he moved to Memphis and worked for Broadnax Jewelers. In 1906 he went to work for A. Graves and Stewer. also in Memphis. In searching for a suitable location for his own store, he and his wife, Mary Elizabeth "Mamie" moved several times before finally ending up in Clarendon, Arkansas. The "flood of 1927" forced the final closing of his store in Clarendon when he moved his store and family some 16 miles north to Brinkley. He also was a practicing optometrist. He spent the last years of his life working in his son's jewelry store with him in Malvern, Arkansas. Lewis Gilbert and Mary Elizabeth are both buried in Malvern. His family consisted of nine children - six boys and three girls.

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